The boys were rehearsed these songs at the soundcheck in Colombia:

  • Does he Know
  • One Thing
  • Alive
  • Diana
  • Loved You First
  • C’mon C’mon
  • Better Than Words
  • Through The Dark
  • Rock Me
  • Kiss You
  • Midnight Memories
  • Little Black Dress
  • Why Don’t We Go There
  • Hey Brother - Avicii…

I hate thinking about getting a new dog like it makes me feel like I’m replacing charley so quick but I literally can’t live without a dog my family literally cannot live without a dog when you’ve grown up with one your whole life you can’t live without one it just feels really empty and awful

One of these sweethearts might be my new baby soon

All I’ve been doing is cleaning my whole entire house and crying

Anonymous inquired: how's your dog doing? i'm praying for him to come out of the hospital soon xx

He had to go to sleep last night


Tamara Lichtenstein


Outside isn’t that bad and neither is Zachary Robinson from swim deep cus damn


My necklace // love //


your neighborhood nutcase has to leave class bc she’s crying. and look she’s wearing jeans for the first time in centuries

Artist: Calvin Harris Album: Summer Track: Summer


✰ for crying out loud, settle down ✰


They see me rollin’